"Information is not Knowledge . Knowledge is not wisdom Wisdom . is not truth Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not Love. Love is not music . Music is the best!". . .. . Frank Zappa Joe's Garage 1979

the fish show the fish showthe fish show the fish show the fish show

The Fish Show Radio Program Under My Watch Ended February 29th 2004 at Midnight

The Fish Show Online Setlist Project

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE UNITIATED INITIATE: These listings do not include the segues, spoken word mix and/or other cleverly produced devices which madeThe Fish Show unique in it's own inimitable juice.


02/29/04 The Producers Of Fish, Sven Drags On, Stand 69,Call To Prayer, Fish Opening, I Am Canadian - Three Dead Trolls, Shake - Veronica Tangent (Live on the Fish Show March 2003), I Am The Not Quite Fool - Osymoso, To Infinity - Mickey Dolenz, Global Product - Clam, AM 180 - Grandaddy, Top Of The Pops - The Kinks, Glass Onion (demo) - The Beatles, Soldier Girl - Polyphonic Spree, Logic vs. Sex - Monty Python, She - KISS, Al's House Of Meat - Negativland, George Bushy, Bill Hicks - Puppet on the Left Puppet on the Right, All You Fascists - Wilco, Business and Government - Louis Black, Rocked By Rape - Electronic Control Committee, Six Days In Berlin - Mike Batt, Fish - Mr. Scruff, The History of Marijuana - A Childs Garden Of Grass, Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford, Labour vs. Leisure - Consolidated, Illegal Smile - John Prine, Calling all Active Agents - William Burroughs, Marder - Ramasutra, West Coast Woman - Painter, Fish License/ Eric The Half A Bee - Monty Python, Acid Test Graduation - Ken Kesey, More Radioactive - Sir Kenneth Clark, All To Much - The Beatles, Unbroken Chain - The Grateful Dead, All Tomorrows Parties - Nico and The Velvet Underground, The End - The Beatles, Waiting For the Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg.

02/22/04 Dr Who Theme - BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Absolutely Free - Zappa, Tomorrow Never Knows (Demo) - The Beatles, Orions Belt/Mountain Girl - The String Cheese Incident, I Dig A Pony - The Beatles, Sweet Jane - Lou Reed, Be My Lover - Alice Cooper, Wild America - Iggy Pop, Smells Like Marijuana - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Nasal Retentive Colliope Music - Zappa, Kingo Lust - Kingo, Sproston Green - Charlatans UK, Cryptical Envelopment>Other One>Cryptical - The Grateful Dead 1968, Acid Family - Evolution Control Committee, Pygmy Twylyte> Dummy Up - Zappa, Pot Head Pixies - Gong, Nee Nee - The Buthole Surfers, Almost Lost It There - Negativland, Track 27 - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Why Do Teenagers Take Drugs - Sucking Chest Wound, The Man Who Sold The World - Spiders From Venus, Ice Worms( Trout Mix ) - The Huge

02/15/04 Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono, Shakin' All Over - The Who, Veronica Tangent Demo Song, Sex Re Education - Evolution Control Committee, Space Oddity - Pitch Black Dream, Cracked Actor - Bowie, "Happy Birthday to Happy The Harmonica" Honey Pie - The Beatles, Emmaline - Urge Overkill, Temptation Overruled - The Huge, Wild Honey Pie - The Beatles, Happy The Harmonica - Negativland, Scott Ritter Feb 05 04, I Want You - The Beatles, Milkshake - Kelis, The Snatch - Evolution Control Committee, I'm Your Angel - Yoko Ono, I Must Be In Love - Syd Straw and Mark Ribot.

02/08/04 She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones, We Are Bees - Rheostatics, Are You Embarassed Easily - Monty Python, I Am The Walrus - Die Toten Hosen, Hey Baby - M.A.C.C., Ronald Raygunzap, Crosstown Canyon - Laika And The Cosmonauts, Remake/Remodel - Roxy Music, William Shatner -Tim Mahoney, America Is Waiting - Byrne And Eno, MTV Get Off The Air - Dead Kennedys, Motor Crash - Sugar Cubes, Tool, Michael Moore October 2003, All Together Now - The Beatles, Time - Pink Floyd, Millions Of Images - William S. Burroughs, Burning Airlines Give You So Much Fun, Brian Eno, Needle In The Hay - Eliott Smith, Sing This Song All Together - The Rolling Stones.

02/01/04 TenYears After, not 10CC: Halloween on the Barbary Coast - Flaming Lips, Fat Angel - Wind Walker, Aegian Sea - Aphrodities' Chaild, Your So Pretty - Charlatans UK, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Ten Years After, White Man - Queen, Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy - Ian Dury And The Blockheads, Uncle Bernies Farm - Mothers, Oh, Mommy - Brewer And Shipley, Brainwashed - George Harrison, River Song - The Posies, Keynote Speech At moveon.org Jan 15 2004 - Al Gore, Zoolook - Jean Michel Jarre, Orville - Pied Pumpkin, Scarlet Begonias - Keller Williams, Ice Worms ( Trout Mix) - The Huge.

01/25/04 Bowie In Vancouver : Sunday (moby mix) - Bowie, Larks Tongue In Aspic - King Crimson, 'm Afraid Of Americans ( Ice Cube Mix ) - Bowie/ From The Air - Laurie Anderson, The Judgement Of Lesser Nations - B*O*K*, I'm Afraid Of Americans - Bowie (NIN), Why I Never Wanted To Be President - William S. Burroughs, Keynote Address to the National Conference on Media Reform 08 November 2003- Bill Moyers, Bring Me The Disco King - Bowie, Grapes On The Vine - Clover Point Drifters, Rebel Rebel - Bowie

01/18/04 We Are Gathered Here Today :"If we are to get on the right side of the world revolution" - Martin Luther king Jr., Ball of Confusion - The Temptations, "I have a dream" - Martin Luther King Jr., Peace in Mississippi - Jimi Hendrix, Noon Obs Pos - The Huge, Transistor - Scott Merrit, Tonights My Year - King Britt, "C" is for Stupid - Neagativland/Chumbawumba, Riverbed - Buck 65, Pablo Picasso - David Bowie, - Lewis Black, Master Ringo - Frank Zappa, Dönen-Shilgi - Huun Huur Tu, Michael Parenti pt 2, Ramasutra - Kwaidan, MLK - U2.

01/11/04 The Voice Of Energy - Kraftwerk, Opening Theme - Ramasutra, Wake Up - Boy, I Feel Fine - Bran Van 3000, A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly - Jefferson Airplane, Catastrophe #9 - Trout & Clam, The Ice Worms (trout remix) - The Huge, The Rules/Weedwacker - Deep Fried Clams, Who's Fucking Who - Lewis Black, America Is Angry - Sucking Chest Wound, Phone Excerpt May 2001Pt one - David Suzuki, Aluminum or Glass - Negativland, Mama Magma (More Magma) - Ramasutra, US Imperialism pt one - Michael Parenti, Group Hoot/Black Clouds - The String Cheese Incident ( Vancouver Oct 16 2002 ), Hollywood ( Reprise ) - Boy.

01/04/04 HAPPY NEW YEAR : BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN New Killer Star - Bowie, Cum On Feel The Noise - Bran Van 3000, Riddles Are Abound Tonight - Sausage, Marder - Ramasutra, Couch Surfing - Bran Van 3000, Agent Red - Boy, Free Four - Pink Floyd, Tiger In The Spotlight - Emerson Lake And Palmer, Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) - The Doors, Velt Jam - The String Cheese Incident (On The Road Vancouver Oct 16 02), Barbarian - Emerson Lake And Palmer, Remember Shakti - Chandrakauns, "We The People" - Scott Ritter, David Mackalaster II - Les Claypool, Permanent Wave - Ramasutra, Supermodel - Bran Van 3000, Mama Don't Smoke - Bran Van 3000,
Happy New Year
12/28/03 Clam In The Hotspring / Longhair Takes Charge

12/21/03 Clam In The Yukon / Longhair Takes Charge

12/14/03Beatle Bones 'n Smokin' Stones - Dapper, Christmas On Acid - Radio Free Vestibule, White - John Oswald, Sour Milk Sea - Jackie Lomax, Christmas In Ignace - Arrogant Worms, The Goon Show -Operation Christmas Duff 1954, The Elf Song - Escape Mechanism, Santa Claus Is Smokin' Reefer - Squirell Nut Zippers, Tools To Guns - Bill Hicks, Meditation - A Childs Garden Of Grass, Christmas - The Who, Me And Saddam - Bill Hicks, Duprees Paradise, Clean Shaven Pussy - Veronica Tangent, You've Got A Cold - 10cc, SofaHead - The Bonzo Dog DooDah Band, Carry On - CSNY.

12/07/03 The Annual John Lennon Memorial Wake And Whazz Fest Borrowed Time, Give Me Some Truth, Steel and Glass, Dinosaur - King Crimson, What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party, You Can't Do That, Girl, Hide Your Love Away, Mr. Moonlight, Anna(Go To Him),She Said She Said, Naughty School Boys - George Martin interview, Strawberry Fields Forever, Dr. Robert, I Am The Walrus, Tomorrow Never Knows,The Maharishi Song, Revolution 1, Revolution ( David Frost Show), Revolution (Rolling Stone Interview), Revolution 9, Call Up For Peace, Advertizing Campain For Peace, Give Peace A Chance, FBI Follows Lennon, Working Class Hero, Get A Message Out There(wedding Album), Scumbag ( With The Mothers), Instant Karma, Nobody Told Me, Keep Right On To The End Of The Road, Imagine.

11/30/03 Archaic Revival - Terence McKenna, Voodoo Chile( Blues ) - Jimi Hendrix, Toccata - Emerson Lake And Palmer, Lick The Crack - Negativland, City Of Tiny Lites - Frank Zappa, I Want A Cookie - Evolution Control Committee, Perversion For Profit - The Bran Flakes, Penis And Sperm - Negativland, DAB - John Oswald, Joe Public - The Rutles, Bill Moyers excerpt, Wild America - Iggy Pop, NET - John Oswald, It's All Nice On Ice - Modest Mouse, Eine Klinne Middle Klasse Music - The Rutles, Happiness Is A Warm Gun - Tori Amos, The Late Great Johnny Ace - Paul Simon.

11/23/03 Born In Xixax - Nina Hagen, Elephant Talk - King Crimson, Here Among The Cats - Max Webster, Horn - Phish, John Judge in Dealey Plaza Nov 22 2002, Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix, The Prophets Song - Queen, Dirty Talkin' - Monsieur Guy, Money - Dub Star All Stars, Alien Boy>Fan Letter To Michael Jackson - The Reostatics, RSVP- Nash The Slash, Not The Rah Rah Type - Tape Beatles, Perfect Hallucination - Reggae Death Squad, Buy Nothing Day, Big 10-8 Place pt 1 - Negativland, Devil's Sidewalk - Neil Young, Machines - Lothar And The Hand People, Hyper Real - Negativland, The Illinois Enema Bandit - Frank Zappa, Mary Dear - Sucking Chest Wound, Administration - Greg MacPherson, Future Is Now - Nina Hagen, Dirt - Phish.

11/16/03 Fixing a Hole - The Beatles, Rain - Sky Cries Mary, Wake Up - DJ Harry ( SCI Remix ), The Motorcade Sped On - Steinski And Mass Media, Yellow, Black and Rectangular - Negativland, Every Home A Prison - Jello Biafra ( DJ Coldcut remix), Call It Democracy - Bruce Cockburn, Bush Doctor - Peter Tosh, Never At Dusk - Steve Martin, Bangkok - Steve Vai, Pick Up The Phone - Pimpdaddy Supreme, You Must Choose - Negativland (live), Buy Nothing Day, IGA Pineapple Party - Evolution Control Committee, The Playboy Channel - Negativland (live), Buy Nothing Day, Piggy - NIN, Stone Free - Jimi Hendrix, Psuedo Suicide - Oysterhead, Jellyfish - The String Cheese Incident, If Not For You - George Harrison, I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After, Don't Ask Me - PIL.

11/09/03Lest We Forget : Onward Christian Soldiers MIX > When The Tigers Broke Free - Pink Floyd, Horse Latitudes - The Doors, Saskatchewan - Rheostatics, Corporal Cleg - Pink Floyd, Small Animal Administration - Firesign Theater, Escape From Noise - Negativland (live), Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet - Frank Zappa And The Mothers, Army On Ecstasy - Oysterhead, Join The Darkside>the Frontline Of Freedom - Scottie's Cut And Paste Project, Unknown Soldier - The Doors, Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix, The Media Coverage - Scottie's Cut And Paste Project, It Doesn't Suck Itself - Cracker, Nee Nee>Kuntz>Meet The Press - Butthole Surfers, Hectic Wasteland - The HUGE, I'm Sick Of Moby - Iggy Pop. Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie, Soldier - Spirit.

11/03/03 Save The Children From That Sound - Michael Moore, AM180 - Grandaddy, Do Not Destroy Oil Wells - Greg Palast, Dissolve - Elvis Costello, Tinderbox - The String Cheese Incident, Remember - John Lennon Plastic Ono Band, Too Many Puppies - Primus, Rush Limbaugh - Michael Moore, Kicksville - Sucking Chest Wound, Guelah Papyrus - Phish, Ghostwriter - RJD2, Music For Morning People - Kid Koala, That Sound Of Dying Dinosaurs - Michael Moore, We Were Speaking - Guru (HEAD), We Were Talking - Peter Tork (HEAD), Scurvy - Kid Koala, Roosevelt After The Inauguration - William S Burroughs, The Landlord Is Dead - Do Make Say Think, Wake Up - Charlatans UK, Disorientation and Lies - Michael Moore> Patrol - Charlatans UK, The Sun - The Flaming Lips, Orion's Belt >Mountain Girl - The String Cheese Incident, Naptime - Kid Koala, I'm Ok With My Decay - Grandaddy.

10/26/03 HAVE I HORRIFIED YOU YET ? - Horsell Common And The Heat Ray - The War Of The Worlds ( Jeff Wayne's Musical Version 1978), Heat Ray - The War Of The Worlds ( Orson Wells Murcury Theater 1938), UFO - Nina Hagen, Where Evil Grows - The Poppy Family, Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus, Mary Of Silence - Mazzy Star, Swamp Witch - Jim Stafford, I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Titties And Beer - Frank Zappa, Mr. Skin - Spirit, In The Shadows - The Stampeders, Theory Of The Black Hole - Nash The Slash, Sleeping For Years - Atomic Rooster, She - KISS, Tubular Bells Werewolf - Mike Oldfield, There's A Light - Rocky Horror Picture Show, Frankenstein - Edgar Winter, I Give You The Monster - The Bride Of Frankenstein, I Love The Dead - Alice Cooper, Ghost - Phish.

10/19/03 Say Hello - Laurie Anderson, Super Nova - Opal, Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk - Stark Effect, Season of the Witch - Donovan, Bomb The World(armageddon mix) - Spearhead, Fuzzy Freaky - DJ Food > Ethnicolour - Jean Michel Jarre, Message to Love - Jimi Hendrix, happy birthday Japhy 8 years old Kid Koala - Fender Bender, Fire Pile - Throwing Muses, Someone To Die For - Belly, Drivin' on 9 - Breeders, Downer - Nirvana, Fibonacci Numbers - Ken Nordine, I Am God - Negativland, Timewave Zero - Terrence Mckenna, Toccata - ELP> Blind Windows/Countervail - Nash The Slash, Perversion For Profit - The Bran Flakes, A Nickel Per Fish Sandwich - Negativland, Teen Disco - Realistic, I Don't Eat Animals - Melanie, After The Gold Rush - Prelude.

10/12/03 Happy Birthday To Me!! : Kayla - The Bran Flakes, Global Product - Prof Clam, Illegal Smile - John Prine, NORML 2002 - Bill Mahar, You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - The Beatles, Help, I'm A Rock - Frank Zappa, Sweet Home Chicago - Foghat, Strange Ways - KISS, Tattoo Vampire - Blue Oyster Cult, Talkin Bout A Feeling - Frank Marino, Hey, St. Peter - Flash and The Pans, Nobody Gives - The Kinks, Let The Sky Fall - Ten Years After, Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd, I'm A Stranger Here - Five Man Electrical Band, Woody Harrelson at NORMAL 2002, Meditation - A Childs Garden Of Grass, Hang On To Your Life - The Guess Who, Within You And Without You - The Beatles, One Brown Mouse - Jethro Tull, Bottom - The Bran Flakes

10/05/03 Opening Act - Ugly Duckling, Toot - Evolution Control Committee, Puddin' Tain - Primus, Shotgun Blues - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Shatner - Tim Maloney, If 6 Were 9 - Jimi Hendrix, Flakes> Broken Hearts Are For Assholes - Zappa, Coffin - Modest Mouse, Ribbon Of Darkness - Bruce Cockburn, Bakers Street - Foo Fighters, Wake Up - The String Cheese Incident, Words ( Between The Lines Of Age ) - Neil Young, Stupid Gordon Campbell Tricks - Veronica Tangent, The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride - Primus, Go-Go Ready - Blue Rodeo, Fungus Nibblers - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Closing Theme>Loose Lips Sink Ships>Who are The Brain Police - Camper Van Beethoven, Cryptical Envelopment>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment - The Grateful Dead, I Wanna Go Home - Ugly Duckling.

09/28/03 HUGE BUS NOW : Magic Bus - The Who, The Rules>Weedwacker - Deep Fried Clams, Hit Me Like You Did The First Time - The Flaming Lips, Johnny Be Rotten - The Monks, Smoke - 68's, GPD - Smoked Out Brains, Surf Launch - The Huge, I Want You - MC5, Caroline - 68's, Viola Lee Blues - The Grateful Dead(Acid Test 03/12/66), I Have Not Been The Same - Slow, Fist Dumplings - Porest, S.I.B - Devo, Drugs In My Pocket - The Monks, Introductionditty Remix - Realistic, King Kong - The Residents featuring Snakefinger, Drugs In My Pocket - The Monks, Silo - The Huge, Be Bop Tango Of The Old Jazzmans Church - Frank Zappa, Jolliver - Cassette Boy, Dear Prudence - The Beatles.

09/21/03 : Tommy's Holiday Camp - The Who(live at leeds), Recreational Chemistry - moe., Home - Sean Lennon, Smoke and Mirrors - RjD2, Sathington Willoughby - Primus, Hambuger Lady - Throbbing Gristle, Off the Corner> Analog Sunshine - Real Japan, Skrew - Wesely Willis, The Big Pill - Yohimbe Brothers, There's A Doctor In Town>Smash The Mirror - The Who(live at Leeds), War On Drugs - SCW, Opium - moe., Desire - The Tape Beatles, Alice - The Winks, Sheep - Pink Floyd, Goin' Blind - KISS, Cosmic Highway - Les Claypool, St Steven - The Grateful Dead, Little Umbrellas - Zappa, I'm a Boy - The Who(live at Leeds), Helecopter - XTC, Let Me Go - Kiss, I'm Free - The Who(live at Leeds),

09/14/02 My Blue Blanket - The Producers, Having A Lovely Time - Magical Mystery Tour, Soldier Girl - Polyphonic Spree, Grateful When Your Dead - Kula Shaker, Never At Dusk - Steve Martin, Rain - The Beatles, Air - Hair, The Cabin Restaurant - Firesign Theater, The Seventh Seal - Aphrodite's Child, The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash, The Four Horsemen - Aphrodite's Child, Bring Em To Their Knees - Sucking Chest Wound, People Stop The War - Grand Funk Railroad, Year 3000 Blues - Ten Years After, Rash Of Rabid Skunks - Willisphone Stupid Show, Sample And Hold - Neil Young, Yer Blues - The Dirty Mac, All Hashed Out - The Guess Who, 21st Century Schizoid Man - April Wine, Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel, Govinda - Kula Shaker, Martha My Dear - Mike Keneally, Backstage Pass - Negativland, Turn On Your Lovelight - The Grateful Dead (08/24/68), A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash, The Price Of Oil - Billy Bragg.

09/07/02 Events leading up to and the aftermath of September 11 2001 links: Stinks to the High Heavens - Michael Moore, Louder Than a Bomb - B'O'K', What Really Happened - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), George Orwell - John Judge, Stand Down - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), Stand Down - John Judge, Not Afraid Of Osama - Michael Moore, True Colours - 'B'O'K, Who Is Bin Laden - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), Bush Laden - Michael Moore, Oiligarchy - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), Bush Said "Save The Oil Wells" - Greg Palast, Get The Oil - John Judge, Oil Finger - B'O'K, Black Voters Taken Off The Voter Rolls - Greg Palast, George Bush - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), Tje Judgement Of Lesser Nations - B'O'K, Perpetual War - John Judge, Moral And Spiritual Questions - Barrie Zwicker ( The Great Deception ), Fly Me To New York - Cassette Boy. " The Past Is Prologue"

08/31/03 Happy Labour Day: Industrial Tour - The Monkees (Head), Machines Making Machines - C3PO, Horses - The Rheostatics, Our Invisible Supply - The Tape Beatles, Mario Savio, Bill Hicks - The Puppet on the Right The Puppet On The Left, All You Fascists - Billy Bragg, Constitutional Peasants - Monty Python, Shoot Or Stab Them - Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco, Children Of The Revolution - T Rex, Little Miss Dominica> Zappatista Speech - Veronica Tangent, The Most Dangerous Woman - Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco, What Keeps Mankind Alive - Tom Waits, People In Your Neighbourhood - Scotties Cut And Paste Project, The Man Of Tomorrow - The Tape Beatles, Union Man - Neil Young, Education Of The Will - The Tape Beatles, The Internationale - Soviet Army Chorus, Dump The Bosses - Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco, Street Worm - Spirit, Introduction to The Great Deception - Barrie Zwicker, Lobour vs Leasure> Day On The Green - Consolidated, Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family - Bowie, Heart Broken Bopper - The Guess Who, The Real Thing - Russell Morris, John Barleycorn Must Die - Traffic, Emmaline - Urge Overkill, Caravan - The Huge, Julie Ocean - Undertones, All Tomorrow's Parties Velvet Underground & Nico

08/24/03 Squeeks Isn't Here - Veronica Tangent (Prof Clam Mix), Lazy - Deep Purple, Outburst - Wesley Willis (RIP), You Must Be Crazy - Cheap Trick, Everybody's Got Something To Hide (cept for me and my monkey) - The Beatles (happy birthday Britt Small), The Hand Of God - Graham Chapman, Mammy Anthem - Frank Zappa ( YCDTOSA vol 1 ), David Bowie Needs Ideas - Bongwater, Afraid - Bowie, Delicate Tendrils - Rollins and Claypool, St. Steven - The Grateful Dead ('77), Black Label - Dead Meadow, Go Go Kitty - New Bangs, Shake - Veronica Tangent, Mondo Bondage - The Tubes (live 2000), Dirty Talkin' - Monsieur Guy, The Groove Really - Prof Clam, Remake Remodel - Roxy Music, The Conspiricy - Church Of The Sub Genius, Sing To The Protons - Prof Clam, Smells Like Marijuana - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Marijuana Is Linked... - The Onion, Dinosaurs - William S. Burroughs, Democracy Is Coming To The USA - Leonard Cohen, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance - Frank Zappa, Edge Of The Wood - Dead Meadow, Slip Away>Steep>Prince Caspian - Phish, Long Long Long - The Beatles.

08/17/03 Listen To This Show!- Spontaneous Turntable Remix : Coarse Fish - Orchid Spangiafora, Concrete Sea - Poppy Family, The Majority is Liberal - Michael Moore, Summertime - Big Brother and the Holding Company, Lovely Rita - The Beatles, Eventually - The Wackers, My Pal Foot Foot - The Shaggs (Live), Bumper Sticker People - Robbie Rox, Gimme Some Truth - Bush Laden - Michael Moore, Trust Us - Captain Beefheart, Hocus Pocus - Focus, Harpua>Kung>Harpua>Simple>Harpua - Phish (06/17/94), Hold Everything - Orchid Spangiafora, United States Of Boo - Michael Moore, Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin, No More Animals - Julia Hayward/Nasha - Evolution Control Committee, Sharleena - Frank Zappa (Flo and Eddie), She's Leaving Home - The Beatles.

08/10/03 Listen To This Show! MEATY, TREATY, HOP AND CHOPPY : Advice To All Future Male Scientists - Reggae Death Squad, Lunch - Evolution Control Committee, Meat City - John Lennon, The Sexual Politics Of Meat - Consolidated, Rocked By Rape - Evolution Control Committee, Careful With That Axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd, REPLICA - John Oswald Plunderphonic, Grand Wazoo - Zappa (Lost Episodes), Fishmouth Replica - Reggae Death Squad, Safe As Milk - Captain Beefheart, "We are living in a fascist state". - Mike Ruppert, The ABC's of Anarchism - Negativland Chumbawumba, Four Question - Barrie Zwicker, Whe Man Who Sold The World - Bowie (w/ Klaus Nomi live on SNL), Whats Music - People Like Us, Cold War - Swinghammer, Advance Romance - Zappa(Bongo Fury), Grandchester Meadows>Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict - Roger Waters, Toot - Evolution Control Committee, Hot Rod Lincon - Les Claypool, Price Of Oil - Billy Bragg.

08/03/03:Radio Gnome Invisible / Flying Teapot - Gong, The March Of Hi Fidelity - Lenny Bruce, House Burning Down - Jimi Hendrix, FISH ON DOPE JIMMY TWILIGHT SITS IN : River Of Men - Tom Waits John Lurie, Why Fish? - John Dieckman, Pot Party - ?, Acid - Stu Mitchell, Morning High - Bruno Gerussi, The Evil Dope - Phil Phillips, Jello Biafra Twilight ID, Ernie The Narc - George Leonard, Victoria - Ed Lafevre, Ahh... Fishing - Robb Webb, Canoe - John Lurie, Bobby and Betty Go To The Moon, Baby Grace/Hallo Spaceboy - David Bowie, Antiworld - Nina Hagen, Angels At My Gate - Manfred Mann, Return Of The King - Steev Hise, Festoon A Gnome With Bacon Rind Day - Round The Horne, Pothead Pixies - Gong, Cerberus - Amon Duul, Estimated Prophet - The Grateful Dead(Dicks Picks 18), Guelah Papyrus - Phish(11/20/98), Small Animal Administration - Firesign Theater, New Day - Element 7, Sooper Shammy (Return of the Hammer) - The Gel Sol, Wake Up Niggers - The Last Poets, Gek Op McDonalds! - Reggae Death Squad

07/27/03 I Can't Find Pussy ! Nobody's Got Any Money - Roy Harper, Bouncing Round The Room - Phish, Echidna's Arf Of You/Don't You Ever Wash That Thing - Frank Zappa(YCDTOSA Vol 2), Pick Up The Phone - PimpDaddySupreme, Beginnings - Jimi Hendrix (woodstock), Rub My Face - Reggae Death Squad, Tommy The Cat/Rappers Delight/Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver - Les Claypool FFFB and Ratdog, Where Is My Squawk Box/ Plutonium - National Cynical Network, Progress - Crosley Bendix, The Playboy Channel - Negativland (live), Cat Woman Cleans Herself - stAllio, Clean Shaven Pussy - Veronica Tangent, Pink Pussycat - Devo (live 1980), Fish - Mr. Scruff, Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead (05/07/77), La Villa Stangiato - Rush, Beautiful State - The Tape Beatles, Medicine Head 24 Hour - Stop Children, Jocko Homo - Devo (live 1980), Hand Me Down World - The Guess Who.

07/20/03 Shatner - Tim Maloney, Fisherman - Badfinger, Joker on the run - Spirit, Bertha - Phil and Friends (02/18/01), I'm Ready - Humble Pie( live), Brylcreem - Tim Maloney, Light My Way - Nazareth, Big Head - Church Of The Sub Genius, Meditation - A Childs Garden Of Grass, Cosmik Debris - Frank Zappa, Cosmic Messenger - Jean Luc Ponty, Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles, See My Friends - The Kinks, Satellite Of Love - Lou Reed(live), Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix, Hashisheen - William S. Burroughs and Iggy Pop, XXX Sex Fling - Veronica Tangent(recorded live on the fish show), Stash - Phish (live one), Hop Frog - Lou Reed and David Bowie, Carry On - Badfinger.

07/13/03 Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix, Up the Beach - Jane's Addiction, Green Manalishi - Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, Ghost - Phish, Scenery - Neil Young, The Gun And The Bible - Negativland, Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford, Barabajagal - Donovan, Hey Bulldog - The Beatles, Elemental Child - T Rex live 71, Cryptical Envelopment>The Eleven>Cryptical Envelopment - Grateful Dead 08/24/68, Ya Hozna - Frank Zappa, In The Light - Led Zeppelin, Ease - PIL, Slip Knot - Grateful Dead 10/31/91, Tweezer - Phish, Power To The People - John Lennon.

07/06/03 OBSCURED BY SUN : Obscured By Clouds - Pink Floyd, Lay Back In The Sun - Spiritualized, Reach For The Sun - Polyphonic Spree, When You're In - Pink Floyd, Little Faces - Oysterhead, Bird Song - The Grateful Dead 04/01/91, RadioActivity - Kraftwerk, The Landlord Is Dead - Do Make Say Think, Space Oddity - Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade 07/20/01, Billy Ray All Purpose Product - Animals Within Animals, "O" is for Frog - The Tape Beatles, 180 And The Letter G - Negativland, Gomper - The Rolling Stones, The Callipygiac Caldonians - Yohimbe Brothers, Turn Down Day - The Cyrkle, Soldier Girl - Polyphonic Spree, Slip Away - Neil Young, Dramamine - Modest Mouse.

06/29/03 THE ANNUAL ZAPPATHON LONGHAIRS JUKEBOX 01:00 to 03:00 : The Torture Never Stops - The Best Band That You Never Heard in Your Life, Willie the Pimp - Hot Rats, Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Absolutely Free, WPLJ - Does Humor Belong in Music, Magdalena - Just Another Band From L.A., Dinah-Moe Hum - Overnight Sensation, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? - Roxy and Elsewhere, Joe's Garage - YCDTOSA Vol. 3, MOI Anti-smut Loyalty Oath - YCDTOSA Vol. 6, Tiny Sick Tears - YCDTOSA Vol. 4, Cheap Thrills - Frankly A Cappella (Persuasions), World's Greatest Sinner - Rare Meat, The Grand Wazoo - The Lost Episodes, Debra Kadabara - Bongo Fury, Trouble Everyday, Rockin' My Life Away - George Thorogood, Sharleena - As An Am, Harder Than Your Husband - You Are What You Is, It Just Might Be a One Shot Deal - Left of the Dial, Watermelon in Easter Hay - Joe's Garage Act 3. THE FISH SHOW 22:00 to 00:00 We're Coming To The Start Of A New Era, Central Central Scrutinizer, Village Inn, Steal Away, We Need A Hit Single, Are You Hung Up, I'm Doomed, Joes Garage, The Bun 12 Years Later, Ship Ahoy, More Ugly People, Honey Don't You Want A Man, The Story Of Willie The Pimp, Willie The Pimp, He Always Listens, Once Upon A Time, Sofa, Wallachs Music City Advert, Bobby Brown, 9/8 Objects, Naked City excerpt, Inca Roads, No Lust In Jazz, Rancid Boutique, Amnerika Goes Home, Filthy Thoughts, Who Are The Brain Police, Final Solution To The Orchestra Problem, The Way The Air Smells, Porn Wars, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Pound For Brown, Packard Goose, Let's Make The Water Turn Black, Sofa #2, Stairway To Heaven.

06/22/03 : Royal Albert - The Rheostatics, Dog Paddle- Modest Mouse, Wages Of Peace, Drugs n Satan n Hippies n Rock n Roll - Sucking Chest Wound, Barbarian - E.L.P., Magic Tricks (pt1) - Monsieur Guy, Bees - The Rheostatics, Gravity - Max Webster, Monkey Pod - Panty Boy, Magic Tricks (pt2) - Monsieur Guy, Kicksville - Sucking Chest Wound, Truckin' Off Across The Sky - The Guess Who, Harold Of The Rocks - Col. Les Claypool and His Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, "TRACK 27" - Smoked Out Brainzzz, ZAPPATHON PREVIEW Billy The Mountain - Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention, Dirty Talking - Monseiur Guy, Ohio - Modest Mouse, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury And The Blockheads, Suzy Greenburg(10/31/96) - Phish, Claire - The Rheostatics.

06/15/03 Impromptu Latenight Rock And Roll Picnic (pass the tiny onions) : Day In Day Out - Negativland, "This Is Neat" - Playground Psychotics, Ramona - The Stampeders, Nearly Lost You - The Screaming Trees, Telstar in German, All The Madmen - David Bowie, Sweet FA/ Fox On The Run - The Sweet, When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin, Don't Step On The Grass, Sam - Steppenwolf, Lawn Boy - Phish, The Music Never Stopped - The Grateful Dead (11/06/77), The Squirming Coil - Phish, Me And My Stone - The Stampeders, ZAPPATHON PREVIEW The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary - Frank Zappa, Lawnboy - Phish, Plane Crash - moe., Garden - The Groundhogs, The Gates of Eden - Arlo Guthrie, Roll Another Number - Neil Young.

06/08/03 SUNSHINE & PROG ÜBERKILL :New Summer Opening - Prof Clam, It's Summertime - Flaming Lips, China Cat Sunflower - Grateful Dead(03/15/90), Brown Acid, Medication - Spiritualized, The Horror - RJD2, Birds Of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra, Red - King Crimson, In From The Storm - Jimi Hendrix, Hush - Deep Purple, Hotter 'n Hell/ Firehouse - KISS, Cygnus X-1 Pt I&II - Rush, Room Service - Frank Zappa, Joliver - Cassette Boy, Don't Miss The Great Snatch - Evolution Control Committee, Muscle Of Love - Alice Cooper, May The Sun - Nazareth.

06/01/03 Bug - Phish, Cancel Everything - Child At Zoo, SummerTime Blues - The Flying Lizards, Nearly No Time For Yes/ No Time For Yes - Evolution Control Committee, Excentrifugal Forz/ Apostrope' - Frank Zappa, Star Spangled Bologna - Evolution Control Committee, Take The "A" Train - Duke Ellington Orchestra, Planetary Analysis - King Britt, Huevos With Jeff & Rani - Prefuse 73, Smoke And Mirrors - RJD2, My Angel Rocks Back And Forth - Four Tet, Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles, Ella Guru - Captain Beefheart, Famous Animals - Honey Barbara, Sex Gorilla - National Velvet, Papa Was A Running Dog Lackey Of The Bourgeoise - Motown Manifestos, Nuclear War - Sun Ra, Don't Get Yourself In Trouble - BTO Live, Young Conservatives - The Kinks, Chant : 13th Hour - Redbone, Nasha - Evolution Control Committee, Roads Girdle The Globe - XTC, Love To You - The Beatles.

05/25/03 BIG BROWNIES AND FLANGED HITS : The Beat - Lorin Swelk Orchestra, Happy Chocolate - John Lennon, Holiday in the Sun - The Sex Pistols, Tunic - Sonic Youth, DJ - David Bowie, I am a Groupie - The Bran Flakes, Everybodys got something to hide (Cept for me and my monkey) - The Feelies, Bad Bad Boy - Nazareth, West Coast Woman - Painter, Stoned Immaculate/Low - Cracker, Yellow Brick Road - Captain Beefheart and his magic band, Everything Zen - Bush, Engine - Fact22, Po Jama People - Frank Zappa, This Is Our Enemy - Lorin Swelk Orchestra, Christianity Is Studid - Negativlannd, The Pope Smokes Dope - David Peel, Homegrown - Neil Young, Dear Prudence - Veronica Tangent, My Name Is Mud - Primus, Texas Jailcell - Jon Wayne, Character Zero - Phish, Cerberus - Amon Duul II, 9/8 Objects - Zappa, Sons of The Silent Age - David Bowie, I Am The Walrus - Veronica Tangent.

05/18/03 VICTORIA DAY LONG WEEKEND : Summertime - Paul Robeson, Victoria - The Kinks, Fish Head - Adrian Belew, Clean Shaven Pussy - Veronica Tangent, Summer Girl - Type O Negative, Victoria - Hanson Brothers, Mario Savio -" then the machine must be prevented from working at all !", It's No Game (part 1) - David Bowie, Million Dollar Man - The Joint Chiefs, Come As You Are - Nirvana, Freedom - Richie Havens, Soul Sacrifice - Santana, Freedom/1983 (a merman I should turn to be) - Jimi Hendrix, Neon Meate Dreams Of An Octofish - Captain Beefheart, I Want A Cookie - Evolution Control Committee, Evil Knievel - The Bran Flakes, Judas - Charlatans UK, Magic Bus(live@leeds) - The Who, Mood For A Day - Steve Morse / South Side Of The Sky - Tales From Yesterday, We Are All Gumby - Flo & Eddie, The Snatch - Evolution Control Committee

05/11/03 : LSD SHOW: Acid Radio - Bruce McCulloch, LSD warning, Are You Hung Up/ Who Needs The Peace Corps - Zappa and the MOI, Acid Test Graduation - Ken Kesey, What Do You Turn On When You Turn On - Dr Timothy Leary, Your Half Of The Sunshine Blotter - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dr Robert - The Beatles, White Rabbit - Great Society, Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces, Who Introduced Kesey To Acid, LSD Commercial - Country Joe and the Fish, Acid Spill - Hunter S Thompson, Listen To The Flower People - Spinal Tap, Double Flanging - Lennon, Blue Jay Way - The Beatles/Plunderphonic, New Studies - Dr Leary, Gosh Darn That LSD - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Acid - Richard Pryor, Take Acid With Your Kids - Dr Leary, Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid - Happy Flowers, Inna Gadda Da Simpson - I. Ron Butterfly, San Francisco In The 60's - Hunter S. Thompson, Combination Of The Two - Big Brother And The Holding Company, That's It For The Other One - Grateful Dead ( 02 27 69 ), Not Coming Down - moe., If - Pink Floyd, Revolution # 9/ Tomorrow Never Knows Mark 1 take 1- The Beatles, Acid Queen - The Who, (Can't You) Trip Like I Do - Crystal Method/Filter, The Most Acid I've Ever Seen - Cheech and Chong, When Am I Coming Down - The Godfthers, Learys Fatal Flaw - Hunter S Thompson, Legend of a Mind - Moody Blues,

05/04/03 Press Conference - Murder at Kent State, Equinoxe PT I. - Jean Michel Jarre, Give Me The Good Earth - Manfred Mann, Within You and Without You - Sonic Youth, Poem - Anita Stevens, Cops Of The World - Phil Ochs, Wars Begin With Lies - John Judge, Here Comes President Kill Again - XTC, Four Questions for 911 - Barrie Zwicker, It Can't Happen Here - Zappa live boot, The Pusher - Steppenwolf, We Are Living In A Fascist State - Mike Ruppert, Viva La Revolution - Adicts, Yin And Yang The Flowerpot Man, Attack On America - Noam Chomsky, Hair - Murder At Kent State, It Can't Happen Here - Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention, What Is This Country Doing For The Doomed? - Doctor Gonzo & The Candidate, Find The Cost Of Freedom / Ohio - CSNY journey Through The Past, No Mechanism? - John Judge, Generals And Majors - XTC, on air The Mighty Hamburger - Evolution Control Committee, Intro-Inspection - Osymyso, Sinsemilla - Black Uhuru, Fade Into You - Mazzy Star, Final Question to 911 - Barrie Zwicker, Living On A Thin Line - Kinks.

04/27/03 Hand Of God - Monty Python, Constitution - Badfinger, Never At Dusk - Steve Martin, Merry Go Round - Wild Man Fisher, My Favorite Things - Negativland, The Sun - Flaming Lips, Waiting For The Sun - The Doors, Ethics Is The Esthetics - Laurie Anderson, But I Don't Believe In Evolution - Evolution Control Committee, No Sugar/ New Mother Nature - The Guess Who,Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix, This Is No Chanson - Twizzle, Monkey Bars - Coney Hatch, You're No Good - Sons Of Freedom, Revolution - The Beatles on David Frost, Crunchy Frog - Monty Python, Song Of The Baker - Posies, Little Miss Dominica - Veronica Tangent, Mexican Radio - El-Vez, I'm So Bored With The USA - The Clash, Fuck The USA - The Exploited, TaTTva - Kula Shaker live, The Not Quite Fool - Osymyso, I Am A Groupie - The Bran Flakes, 2000 Light Years - Sky Cries Mary, Clean Shaven Pussy - Veronica Tangent, Teen Disco - Realistic, Astronomy Domine - Voivod, Space Dance - PantyBoy

04/20/03 : Kingo Lust - Kingo, Brand New Colony - The Postal Service, Target Iraq - David Barsamian, On the Run - Dub Side of the Moon, Fat Angel - Windwalker, To The Devil A donut - King Of Woolworths, Imperial America - David Barsamian, Bomb The World - Franti( live in SF ), People Are Confused - David Barsamian, Shock - League of Infinite Justice, Reichstag Fire - David Rovics, Us & Them - Dub Side Of The Moon, River Song - Posies, Love Is The Key - Charlatans UK, Propaganda - David Barsamian, Awe - League of Infinite Justice, Crosseyed and Painless - Phish 10 31 96, Watermelon In Easter Hay - Frank Zappa.

04/13/03 Swallow The Pill, "We Checked the Reciept" - Bill Hicks, Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple, Henry Ford - David Rovics, Language is a Virus - Laurie Anderson, Mirror Of Illusion - Hawkwind, Boneyard Flower - Moonshine Revellers, "Politics in America" - Bill Hicks, Bomb The World(Armageddon Mix) - Spearhead, Golden Avatar - Kula Shaker, Judas - Charlatans UK, "Me And Saddam" - Bill Hicks, Trouble Every Day - Frank Zappa, Police and Thieves - The Clash, Kyoto Accord - Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie, Afraid of Americans(Ice Cube mix) - Bowie,Vietnam Never Happened - Jello Biafra, On The Fucking Moon - Evolution Control Committee, The Military - George Carlin on Dennis Miller, Bring Em To Their Knees - Sucking Chest Wound, American Ceasar - Iggy Pop, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix, Who Will Tell The People - David Rovics, Gulf War Song - Moxie Fruvous, Waiting For The Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg

04/06/03 WHAT'S GOIN ON: Liverno - The Bran Flakes,Qu'ran - Eno Byrne, Slicing Up America - Steev Hise, Money - Easy Star All Stars, Bush's 80% rating - Michael Moore, Patrol - Charlatans UK, Let The Radio Guys Do It ! - Prof Clam, Conscious Manipulation - Noam Chomsky, The Call Up - The Clash, Bomb The World - SpearHead, Fear and Osama's Kidneys in America - Michael Moore, We're All Mad Here - Tom Waits, Kill Your Television - Neds Atomic Dustbin, Killin' Floor - Jimi Hendrix, Hot Pants - James Brown, Black - John Oswald plunderphonic, Mans World - The Residents, Bush&BinLadin&Bush. . .- Michael Moore, Gov. Ronald McRaygun. . .zap - Almost Cut My Hair - Government Mule, 2112(overture/temple of syrinx) - RUSH, Finale and Requiem - Steev Hise, Watching You - KISS, Marquee Moon - Television

03/30/03 THE DOGS OF WAR :Pigs on the Wing - Pink Floyd, Experiment IV - Kate Bush,Killin an Arab - The Cure,Price of Oil - Billy Bragg, World Gone Mad - Beastie Boys, Bombs Over Bagdad - Outkast(remix), Man Needs To Be Told - Charlatans UK, War On War - Wilco, When The Tigers Broke Free/Pigs(three different ones), Not In My Name - Chumbawumba, Mary Anne With The Shakey Hands - The Who, Give Peace a Chance(live Madison Square Gardens 1972)- John Lennon/Yoko Ono/Stevie Wonder/Cast of Thousands, Bullet The Blue Sky(boston 2001) - U2, Hot Pants - James Brown, Bullet The Blue Sky - Richard Cheese, Slippin' Into Darkness(live) - War, Let Love Rule(acoustic live) - Lenny Kravitz, Wake Up - Charlatans UK, Don't Let It Bring You Down(live BBC) - Neil Young.

03/23/03 LONGHAIR TAKES ON THE TASK: Islands(excerpt) - Nash the Slash, Intro Edit (Perfume Tree, Jimi Hendrix, Residents, Theme,Timothy Leary+), 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson, Lay Down Your Arms - Sadies, A Cappella Mix - Negativland, The Washington Post - Residents, Russian Dressing - Surfdusters, Gilbert - ABBC, Will You Miss This World - David Chenery Now - Negativland, Nebula Ball Rests in a Fantasy Claw - The Fucking Champs, Inner Revolution - Adrian Belew, Mediation - A Child's Garden of Grass, Vegetable Man - Soft Boys, Sandwich instructions - Hayden, Bring the Boys Back Home - Luther Wright and the Wrongs, Then - Negativland, Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain - Ween, Tom Byrne - Buttless Chap, Le Pacifique(excerpt) - Kristoff K. Roll, Munsters' Theme - Los Straitjackets, Sonic Wind - Calexico, Running Dry - Neil Young, A Lot's Changed Since... - Metic, Fly Street - Squarepusher, Rivage (excerpt) - Gilles Gobeil, Rocket Soul - Funki Porcini. all praise to longhair, allah preserve his name!
03/16/03 WAR LOOMS- Power To The People !!: Morning Dew (69) - Grateful Dead, Americans - Corky And The Juice Pigs, Monster - Steppenwolf, Babylons Burning - The Ruts, Fight Terror - Resist Corporations - Jello Biafra, Sweet Bird Of Truth - The The, Transmission - Joy Division, In Every Dream Home A Heartache (live) - Roxy Music, Seen Not Heard - Phish 10-31-96, Sproston Green - Charlatans UK, Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix, American Woman (phase mix)- The Guess Who, The Body - P.I.L, Global Product - Prof Clam, Be Patriotic - Fight The Government - Jello Biafra, More Modern Techniques - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Shake - Veronica Tangent, Universal Soldier - Donovan. power to the people

03/09/03 CFUV FUNDRIVE 2003: Call Any Vegetable - Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Money - The Beatles at 200%, Rollover - The String Cheese Incident, Whamola - Les Claypool, VERONICA TANGENT LIVE Cocaine Blues > Shake > Little Miss Dominica > Zapatista Announcement > Sex Fling > Don't Let Me Down. Alice - The Winks, It's Only A Northern Song - The Beatles, Manic Superstar - Sandra Bernhard, I Want A Cookie - Evolution Control Committee, Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk - Stark Effect, Plans For Nigel - XTC live 12/22/80, Big Blue Sky - The Northern Pikes, Fet Sur La Plage - M. Guy, Melvins Repose - The Residents, Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford, Welcome To The Freq Show - Yohimbe Brothers, Baking Bread - Neptunes Car, You Didn't Try To Call Me - Ruben And The Jets, Baloney And Oats - ECC, Better Future - Bowie remix, Piggy In The Middle - The Rutles. thanks to The Veronica Tangent Band for helping us out even though you all had colds

03/02/03 Hungry Freaks Daddy - Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Original Slack - SubGenius, Alice - The Winks, Sex Fling - Veronica Tangent, All You Fascists - Billy Bragg, The Great Betrayal - Jello Biafra, India - P Furs, The Room - Wassabi Collective,Poop Ship Destroyer - Ween, Block Head - Devo Live 07/17/80, Fibonacci Numbers - Ken Nordine, Aorta - The Winks, It Can't Happen Here - Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, The Martyr That Would Not Die - Jello Biafra, Four Horsemen - Aphrodites Child, Indiscipline - King Crimson, What Keeps Mankind Alive - Tom Waits, Hello Skinny - The Residents, A Most Successful Formula - Negativland, Propane and Propane Accesories - Jello Biafra, Afraid Of Enduring Freedom - B'O'K, Rocke By Rape - ECC, Up On The Roof - Les Claypool, Love Life - The Rutles.

02/23/03 Come With Us . . . Careful With That Military, George: America Is Waiting - Byrne and Eno, Truth Is Stranger Than Hype - Jello Biafra, Careful With That Axe , Eugene - Pink Floyd Pompeii, People, Lets Stop The War - Grand Funk Railroad, Once Bitten Twice Shy - Ian Hunter, Roosevelt After Inauguration - William S Burroughs, Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys, Gulf War - George Carlin, The Drop - Wassabi Collective, Duprees Diamond Blues - Grateful Dead (02-27-69), The Terror Of Tinytown - Jello Biafra, Happiness is a Warm Gun - Veronica Tangent, Facts About Fish - The Vestibules, My Favourite Things - Negativland, Sweet Thing - Bowie, Glass Onion - The Beatles (demo), Truth In Advertising - Negativland, MachineGun In The Clowns Hand - Jello Biafra, Big Brother - Bowie, Castles Made Of Sand/Little Wing - Keller Williams.

02/16/03 I Am God - Negativland, The Big Ka-Boom - Jello Biafra, TV Eye - Iggy Pop, War - Edwin Starr, Stash - Phish (07/25/92),GPD - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Honey, I Blew Up The Kids - Jello Biafra, Everything Goes To Hell - Tom Waits, Dupree's Paradise - Zappa(YCDTOSA VOL II, Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono, Sixteen Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six - Tom Waits,The Pied Piper The Damage Done, Jello Biafra, John Walker Blues - Steve Earle, Walking On Thin Ice - Yoko Ono.

02/09/03 Prelude To Fear - Sausage(Les Claypool, Miscue 911 - Jello Biafra, Wild America - Iggy Pop, Little Miss Dominica - Veronica Tangent, Crab Eyes/Bullet - moe.,Tattoo Vampire - Blue Oyster Cult, Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese & Milk - Stark Effect, Billy Rays' All Purpose Product - Animals Within Animals, K-Tel Commercial - Evolution Control Committee, United We Scam - Jello Biafra>Islands>Ylla>the Chase - Nash The Slash, John Lilly - Laurie Anderson, Spiders and Snakes - Animals Within Animals, We Are The Fungus Nibblers - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Call Any Vegetable>Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin>Soft Sell Conclusion - Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, Voodoo Chile>Steppin Stone - Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock), Flogging The Infidels - Jello Biafra, Dance After Curfew - Nash The Slash.

02/02/03 Perceptions - bp nichols, No More Hitlers, No More Stalins - William S. Burroughs, Captain America - moe. , Blame The Media - Project Data Control, Our Leader - Consolidated, Beating Around The Burning Bush- Jello Biafra, The Hearts Filthy Lesson - Glass Onion - Veronica Tangent (Steamers 12 07 02), His Old Look - Bongwater, The Cultural Ambassidor - Laurie Anderson, Saying No To War - Howard Zinn, America - Santana & P O D, The SOB - Smoked Out Brains, "O" is For Frog - The Tape Beatles, The Perfect Scrambled Eggs - Negativland, Whenever You See Fit - Modest Mouse, Jello Biafra, Helter Skelter - The Beatles, Engine - Fact 22, Space Dance - Panty Boy, Jello - - Biafra, Cosmic Highway - Les Claypools Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Space Oddity (demo) - Bowie.

01/26/03 Deeper... Deeper... / Old Man Tom - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Advice For Young People - William S. Burroughs, Wise Up - Subgenius Barage Tape, State Of The Nation - G Dubya, Slack Off - Subgenius Barage Tape, Why Is This Commercial? - Negativland, Little Faces - Oysterhead, You Must Choose - Negativlannd, Detroit Rock City - KISS, Tomorrow Never Knows - Veronica Tangent (Steamers 12 07 02), Satan - Klarc Qent, Crawl Again -Subgenius Barage Tape, War - Rollins, Constantinople - The Residents, The Arm - Removal, Pussy Kats - Adam From Tofino, Rebel Without A Pause - ECC, Shotgun Blues - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Glass Onion - Veronica Tangent (Steamers 12 07 02) Give Peace A Chance/We Will Rock You, Tater Totz, (candles /incence/ get naked)Terrapin Station - Gratful Dead, (vt and jim roses testicles), Margaret - Marillion, A Day In The Life - Veronica Tangent (Steamers 12 07 02)

01/19/03 Nature is Alive - Terence Mckenna, No One Recieving - Eno, Breakfast - Evolution Control Committee, Sycamore - Negativland, Mystical Machine Gun - Kula Shaker, Stoned Love - Jeevas, Astronome Domine - Pink Floyd, Millions of Images - Gus Van Sant / William Burroughs, Other Others / Deeper....- Smoked Out Brainzzz, WBBB - LCFFFB, Fungus Nibblers - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Excerpt from Food Of The Gods - Terence Mckenna, Fascination Street - The Cure, Lunch - Evolution Control Committee, You Enjoy Myself - Phish with Santana 07/25/92, Horses - Rheostatics, Venus in Furs - Velvet Underground (dedicated to Veronica Tangent), Sea Hag - Panty Boy, Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake, Memory Of A Free Festival - Bowie, The Ambiguity Song - Camper Van Beethoven.

01/12/03 Fear & Ignomy : "A Terrible,Terrible Mistake" Made: You Cannot Hear Me / This Radio These Fish Spoo, Too Drunk To Drive, Don't Drive Drunk - Wesley Willis, Foundation / Pursuasion - Tape Beatles, Bow Tie Daddy - Frank Zappa, Weep Me A River - The Huge, Skeletons - Chad Thud, Hangover - Max Webster (live), The Sound Of Drums - Kula Shaker, Imperial March - Rage Against The Machine, Smart Patrol - Devo (live 80), Turquoise Fins - Pere Ubu, Barnalamb - Yohimbe Bros, Retrofuturist Tap Swing - Steev Hise, Girls For Single Men - Les Claypools Fearless Flying Frog Brigade (live), Asylum - Smoked Out Brainzzz,Viola Lee Blues - The Grateful Dead ( Aug 16 66 ), Smells Like Marijuana - Smoked Out Brainzzz, Tusk - Camper Van Beethoven , The Snatch - Evolution Control Comittee, Excuse Me Mr. - Ben Harper, Brainwashed - George Harrison.

01/05/03 Leeches up my Spine : Year 3000 Blues - Ten Years After, Calling Kyle - Les Claypool and Holy Mackerel , Hectic Wasteland - The Huge, Black Napkins - Frank Zappa, Hey Baby - Jimi Hendrix (Berkeley05/30/70), Mary Dear - Sucking Chest Wound, Race Against Space - Six Fingered Satellite, From The Tide or the Wind - The Tape Beatles, The Liquidators - Steev Hise , Yellow Black and Rectangular - Negativland, Yes/No - Evolution Control Comittee, Vacuum Cleaner In My Head - Pere Ubu, Return Of The King - Steev Hise, America Is Angery - Sucking Chest Wound, Americas Veins - Max Webster, Space Truckin' - Black Night, The Eleven - Grateful Dead(08/23/68), Invitation To A Situation - Yohimbe Brothers, No Sympathy - Super Fury Animals, Surf Launch - The Huge, I Wanna Cookie - Evolution Control Comittee, Finale From Requiem - Steev Hise, Final Solution - Pere Ubu.

Happy New Year

12/29/02 No Record Remains "Life I Command You, Life", We're All Clones - Alice Cooper, Oats and Barley - Evolution Control Committee, Rael - TheWho, "DNA", Space Age Whizz Kids - Joe Walsh, Mathematical Air Display - Pekka Pohjola, "Stoned Immaculate", Wolf Pack - Syd Barrett, A Small Package - Jefferson Airplane, Tubular Bells (Werewolf) - Mike Oldfield, Chihuahua - Evolution Control Committee, Zombie Woof - Frank Zappa, 2000 Light Years From Home - The Rolling Stones, Effervesant Elephant - Syd Barrett, Cosmic Messenger - Jean Luc Ponty, Timewave Zero - Terence McKenna 02/27/93, Legend Of A Mind - The Moody Blues, What Do You Turn On When You Turn On? - Timothy Leary, I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After, Rocked By Rave - Evolution Control Committee, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron, Rain - Sky Cries Mary, Revolution Rock - The Clash, Pretty Good - John Prine.

12/22/02 Gary Crimble Round The Ole Bull Frog "Spoo Opening", Good King Eccleslas - Spike Milligan, Elf Song - Escape Mechanism, White Christmas - John Oswald, Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book - Dead Can Dance, Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night - Jimi Hendrix, White Christmas - Stiff Little Fingers, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Frank Zappa 02/18/79, The Landlord Is Dead - Do Make Say Think, Message To The Universe - Jimi Hendrix, Christmas In Ignace - Arrogant Worms, A Christmas Carol - The Goon Show 12/24/59, Ice Hockey Hair - Super Furry Animals, Scrooge - Lord Buckley, Mind Left Body Jam - The Grateful Dead 03/15/90, How Fortunate The Man With None - Dead Can Dance, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing - The Persuasions.

12/15/02 Ghost Story - Pace Ashton Lord, 99 Year Blues - Hot Tuna, One Toke Over The Line - Brewer and Shipley, War Of 1812 - Tree Dead Trolls In A Baggie, "Dense Light" Sister Change - Frank Marino, Gulf War Piece - George Carlin, Americans - Corky And The Juice Pigs, Poops Principals - Firesighn Theater, Children Of The Night - Nash The Slash (Live), Millions - XTC, Operation Christmas Duff - The Goon Show, Somewhere Up High - The Guess Who, Floatin' And Hummin' - Robert Atyeo, Wet Job - Fingerprintz, On And On - All Purpose, We Play Rock 'n Roll - Five Man Electrical Band, Ruby In The Morning - Brewer And Shipley.

12/08/02 The Annual John Lennon Memorial Wake And Whazz Fest "Central Park Stroll", "The Great Wok", You Know My Name ( Look Up My Number ), "Thats A Good Job", The Word, Take This Brother, "I Cannot Be What I'm Not", Imagine, What A Shame, Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party, "Clowns And Little Dogs", Help (live), "Good Morning Bagism", Bed In Interview, Give Peace A Chance, "Down In Cuba", Ask Me Why, I've Got A Feeling, "Lets Track It", I'm Only Sleeping, Yes It Is, Meat City, "Best Fucking Band", I Want You, "Advertising Campain For Peace", So This Is Christmas (War Is Over), "David Frost", John Sinclair, "Bring Your Beatle Records", "KKK", God, Serve Yourself, Genius (RS interview), Tragical Misery Tour, "Paul Is The Walrus", I Am The Walrus, Hey Bulldog, Mr. Moonlight, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Well ( live with Zappa and The Mothers at the Fillmore), Mr. Postman, Be My Baby, A Day In The Life, "There Will Never Be Another Beatles", All You Need Is Love.

12/01/02 Mother Canada - Nihilist Spasm Band, Born in Xixax - Nina Hagen, 46 Days - Phish, Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory - Traffic, The Theory of Simultanious Similtude - David Thomas, Victory - , Cissy Strut - KVHW, Midight On The Coast Highway - Hunter S. Thompson, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix, Medly In "C" - Eugene Chadbourne, Tennesse - Beatles, Tom Sawyer - String Cheese Incident (oct 2002), Bip Bop - Wings, Poodle Lecture - Frank Zappa, Poodle Factory - Garage Mahal, Hey Mister - The Rutles, John Lennon - Hamell On Trial, The Late Great Johnny Ace - Paul Simon, Come Together - John Lennon ( Box ).

11/24/02 The Show of Teknikal Diphikultys or Svend goes on : Vancouver Soundscapes - Industry, Go Forth - bpnichols, Spring Water - KVHW, Systems of Perception - bpnichols, Hocus Pocus - Focus Live, The Road to Agadir - Mike Batt, The Munitions Maker - Country Joe McDonald, Buy Nothing Day, Pigs - Colonel Les Claypool - Pigs, War Movie - Jefferson Airplaine, African Skies>Rollover - String Cheese Incident 10-16-02, Wet Concrete - Sixty Stories, Hypnotizin' Boogie - David Wilcox, Hey Baby>In From The Storm - Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Colour Sound Experiment 01/30/70, Tenemental - Yohimbe Brothers, Blue Wind - Jeff Beck, We Are Not Alone - Frank Zappa.

11/17/02 Seattle - PIL, Welcome To The Freq Show - Yohimbe Brothers, Electricity - Sonic Youth, The Big Pill - Yohimbe Brothers, Tattva - Kula Shaker, HYHU>Love You>HYHU - Phish, Hold Your Head Up - Argent, Love>Monkees - Justified Ancients of MuMu, Rusty Muffet and Karl - Alloy Turnip, Govinda - Kula Shaker, Jeff Beck - Rice Pudding, Within You Without You - Sonic Youth, Mind Left Body Jam - Grateful Dead, William S. Burroughs - Just Say No To Drug Hysteria, Swell - Perfume Tree, Why Do Teenagers Take Drugs - Sucking Chest Wound, The First - Swinghammer, Barnalamb - Yohimbe Brothers, No Thugs In Our House - XTC, Sold To The Highest Buddah - Gong, Cosmik Debris - Frank Zappa.

11/10/02 Ship of Fools - World Party, Sunshine and Gasoline - Godspeed You Black Emperor, Squirming Coil - Phish 1990, I Don't Want To Be A Soldier - John Lennon Box, Sixty Stories - Used Table and Chair, Quick Fix - William S. Burroughs, Don't Sweat It - Ween, Vostov 6 - Swinghammer, Hunter - Bjork, Awsome Sound - Ween, Sinister Footwear - Zappa YKWYA, Piggy - Nine Inch Nails, She Said, She Said / Tomorrow Jam - Government Mule, On Tomorrow / Beatle Bones - Captain Beefheart, Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Les Claypool 2000, William Burroughs/Iggy Pop - The Hashisheen, The Hasheesh Eater - Read by Terence Mckenna, After The Goldrush - Prelude, Wooden Ships - Hot Tuna, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Klaatu.

11/03/02 Say Hello - Laurie Anderson, Roll Over - The String Cheese Incident, Fearless - Electron, Pretty Smart on My Part - Phil Ochs, Gulf War Chewing Gum - Eugene Chadbourne, American Ruse - MC5, Mesopotamia - T.W. Tobin, Saviour Machine - David Bowie, Hear My Train - Jimi Hendrix-Woodstock, Cryptical Envelopment - The Grateful Dead, Badge - Cream, Sex With Your Parents - Lou Reed, EyeBall Kid - Tom Waits, Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger-Performance, Satisfaction - Devo-Live1980, Pygmy Twylyte - Zappa YCDTOSA vol 1, A Day In The Life - Eugene Chadbourne, Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles Anth vol 2.

10/27/02 More Power - The Acid Test Reels, Air Structures - Fripp & Eno Live 1975, Digital Future - Laurie Anderson, Radio Activity - Kraftwerk, Rain Dogs - Tom Waits, Theres A Light - Rocky Horror, Frankenstein - Edgar Winter, Spiders And Snakes - Jim Stafford, 1983 - Jimi Hendrix, The Ocean Doesn't Want Me - Tom Waits, Dark Star w/Ken Kesey - Grateful Dead (10 31 91), David Makalaster II - Les Claypool,16 Shots From A 30 06 - Tom Waits, Master Ringo - Frank Zappa, Fear - Crosley Bendix, Vincents Crows - Nash The Slash, Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus.

10/20/02 Earth to Space Control - Kingo &Trout, Season of the Witch - Donovan, Lights in the Sky - Les Claypool, Hymn for the Hardcore - Amon Düül II, The Gun And The Bible - Negativland, Guns Guns Guns - The Guess Who, Archangel Thunder - Amon Düül II, Calling All Reactive Agents - William S. Burroughs, Heartless - T.W.Tobin, Up On The Roof - Les Claypool, The Great Curve - The Talking Heads, Bark Tuna Bark - T.W.Tobin, The Empty Page - Sonic Youth, Lands End > Walking On The Moon - The String Cheese Incident, Floating And Humming - Robert Atyou, Cerberus - Amon Düül II,X Meets West - T.W.Tobin, Dear Mom And Dad - The Bran Flakes, Lorin Swelk Orchestra - This Is Our Enemy, All The Madmen - David Bowie.

10/13/02 Chest Fever -The Band, Nasal Retentive Colliope Music - Zappa, Acid Radio - Bruce McCulloch, Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk, Fame - David Bowie, No Quarter - Led Zeppelin, Life Begins At Fourty - John Lennon, Birthday - The Beatles, The Chicken - Grizelda Guppy, Lost in Music - Anita Lane, Danceparc - Martha and the Muffins, I Am Here - The Grapes Of Wrath, Whamola - Les Claypool, Dancing Barefoot - Misson, Birdsong - The Grateful Dead, Supernova - Opal, President of the USA - Ozard Fuzztone, Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun, Plastic People - Zappa, Carry On - CSN&Y, Borrowed Time - John Lennon.

10/06/02 We Were Talking To The Master - The Monkees ( Head ), Turning Again - Frank Zappa (ycdtosa), I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left - Ken Nordine, This Looks Like The Place - String Cheese Incident - This Must Be The Place, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - The Beatles, God Save The Queen - Jimi Hendrix, The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson/ Constitutional Peasants - Monty Python, God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols, Ravine - The New Deal, Gateway To Hell - Kelso, Village By The Sea - Adam From Tofino, Beautiful - Mike Keneally, Mikes Song > Simple - Phish, Closing Theme> Loose Lips Sink Ships> Who Are The Brain Police - Camper Van Beethoven , I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft - Bowie, Sex With Strangers - Marianne Faithful, Illuminati - Professor Walks To Work, Fat Angel - Windwalker, Sea Hag - Panty Boy, The Sea...Eventually - The Beautiful People

09/29/02 The Perfect Enigma Machine - Camper Van Beethoven, Success Through Vibration - The Tape Beatles, Ashes to Ashes - Steve Earle, Turn The Channel, It's Another Commercial - The Bran Flakes, Mr. T - Droplift Project, Cheepnis - Project Object, Honky Tonk Women - Ron Wood and Bo Diddley, Viola Lee Blues - The Grateful Dead, Radioactivitat - Kraftwerk, PowerHouse - Spike Jones, I AM CANADIAN - William Shatner, Thunderclock - Droplift Project, Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger, Son Of Satan - Droplift Project, The Grand Pecking Order - Oysterhead, Alternative Route To Vulcan Street - Super Furry Animals, Sophisticated Beggar - Roy Harper, Bulbous Buffont - The Vestibules, Candidate - David Bowie, Evil Grows - The Poppy Family, Not Sleeping Around - Neds Atomic Dustpan, Midnight Lightning - Jimi Hendrix.

09/22/02 Freedoms Waiting - Negativland, Freedom of Choice - DEVO(live1980), America is Angry - Sucking Chest Wound, John Walker Blues - Steve Earle, Mideast Vacation - Neil Young, Radio Radio - Elvis Costello (SNL), Hush - Kula Shaker, Remake Remodel - Roxy Music (BBC 72), Psycopath - PIL, Astronome Domine - Mike Keneally, CIA Man - Fugs, Bullet The Blue Sky - U2 (live), Every Home A Prison - Jello Biafra (Coldcut remix), Our Leader - Consolidated, Rub My Face - Reggae Death Squad, Mnemonic - Project Logic, Back To The Middle - The New Deal, Are You Experienced, Something Good - Marianne Faithfull, Sugar Magnolia - The Grateful Dead (72), She Said - Snake River Conspiracy, Moth - moe. (Warts and All)

09/15/02 PHISH SHOW : Fish Bass, Simple (live one), Makisupa Policeman, Lengthwise, Maze, No2,The Happy Whip Dung Song, Tweezer (reprise), Harpua>Kung>Harpua>Simple>Harpua (06/17/94), Free, Dirt, Waste, Sample in a Jar (02/20/97), Character Zero, Whats The Use, Swept Away>Steep>A Day In The Life (02/20/97), Taste, Chalkdust Torture ( live one ), Freebird (07/16/93), Bug. . .

09/08/02 If you want to be a Bird - The Holy Modal Rounders, I Like Marijuana - Kicksville - Sucking Chest Wound, Peter Gun / Every Breath You Take - Sopranos Soundtrack, Peter Tosh Explains Herb, Decriminalize It - Sucking Chest Wound, Camarillo Brillo - Frank Zappa, Osymyso - I Am The Not Quite FooL, 30 Days In The Hole - Government Mule, ronnie and nancy explain a new drug policy, Pot Head Pixies - Raging Slab, Send Your Cannabis to Chevy, Love Your Enemy - William Burroughs, Take Me To N Y - Cassette Boy, Lets Roll - Neil Young (may 2002), Truckin' > The Eleven Jam > Drums - Grateful Dead,

09/01/02 I'm working at the Fringe, "Lingua" last show at 22:45. Longhair in the Fish bowl. "Bill , ...................Here's the playlist": Intro Edit including Fish Show Theme, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fish Song, My Project: Blue - Those Damn Controlling Voices, Nash the Slash - Blind Windows, Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman - You Ain't Goin' No Where, Sodbusters - The Fiddle Player, John Prine - Illegal Smile, Pere Ubu - Dark, Arto Lindsay - In the City That Reads, Neckbeard - Take It Slow, Grateful Dead - Ripple, John Reischman & the Jaybirds - Saltspring, Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band - The Mountain, Mt. Pleasant - Rusted Away, Danielson Famile - Naive Child, EmmyLou Harris - Hickory Wind, Gram Parsons - November Nights, The Persuasions - You Are What You Is, Huge - Belly Button, Camper Van Beethoven - Good Guys, Bad Guys, Adrian Belew/King Crimson - Dinosaur (Edited), John Hartford - Boogie, Francis Dhomont - AvatArsSon (excerpt), Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Ripplin' Waters.

08/25/02 Farewell Ian Hunter : Astronome Domine - Pink Floyd, Space Oddity - Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Advance Romance - Frank Zappa(bongo fury), 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Flowmotion, Izabella - Jimi Hendrix, Most Events - Vida Blue, Wake Up - DJ Harry (String Cheese Remix), Jellyfish - String Cheese Incident, Get Up Stand Up - Peter Tosh live, John E, Smoke - Butthole Surfers, Slip Away/Steep/ Prince Caspian - Phish

08/18/02 Bouncing Round The Room - Phish, Coming Of Age - Five Man Electrical Band, Fat Angel - Jefferson Airplane, (Thoughts Race Against)Time - Space Mesa, Strawberry Fields Forever - Atlantic Frontal System, Tear Off Your Own Head (it's a Dolls Revolution) - Elvis Costello, Henry Parsons - Widespread Panic, Yat Ka, Oh Superman - Laurie Anderson, Fearless - Pink Floyd (remix), You Enjoy Myself - Phish, It's A Plant/Johnny B Good - Keller Williams, Decriminalize It - Sucking Chest Wound, Audiomaze - Tabla Beat Science, Roggae/Velvet Sea - Phish.

08/11/02 Mystery Train - Elvis, Mole From The Ministry - The Dukes Of Stratosphere, White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane, Queen Of Dreams - The Strawbs, Peaches - The Stranglers, Suite Judy Blue - Dread Zeppelin, Sweet Bird Of Truth - The The, Die For Oil Sucker - Behold A Republic - The Tape Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows (TNK) - 801 Live, Estimated Prophet, Unbroken Chain - The Grateful Dead, Mary Anne With The Shakey Hands - The Who, Mood for a Day, South Side Of The Sky - Tales from YESterday, Step by Step - The Bran Flakes.

08/04/02 : Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia Terrapin Station 73, China Cat Sunflower 90, Man of Constant Sorrow 95, St. Stevens, Morning Dew 68,Two Soldiers 91, Dark Star 73, Mind Left Body Jam 73 , Shady Grove 91, Cryptical Envelopment > Other One > Cryptical 68 , Friend of the Devil 91, Amazing Grace 95 , Ripple 91. All Tracks Live

07/28/02 Spill The Wine - Eric Burdon & War, Paper Sun - Traffic, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Pink Floyd, The Pope Smokes Dope - David Peel, Sympathy For The Devil - Laibach, On The Streets..... - CheechAnd Chong, The Pope Is A Hustler, Hang On To Yourself - The Guess Who, Moth - moe., Caution Jam - The Greatful Dead, Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd, Halo Of Flies - Alice Cooper, War Pigs - Rondellus/Black Sabbath, Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix, A Day In The Life - Eugene Chadbourne.

07/21/02 It's Summertime - Flaming Lips, Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan, Bright Summer Day '68 - Curved Air, Banana Splits Theme - Liz Phair, Jane Mansfield Superstar - Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Hotter Than Hell (San Francisco 75) Firehouse - KISS, Fixing a Hole - The Beatles, Rain - Sky Cries Mary, Wharf Rat >St. Stevens>Truckin' - The Grateful Dead (11-06-77), May This Be Love>I Don't Live Today, Labor vs Lesiure>A Day On The Green - Consolidated, Fat Old Sun - Pink Floyd.

07/14/02 Concrete Sea - the Poppy Family, Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except For Me And My Monkey) - The Beatles, Nobody's Got Any Money In The Summer - Roy Harper, Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon/I'm In Love With My Car - Queen, Elderberry Wine - Elton John, West Coast Woman - Painter, The Big Rock - The Kingbees, TVC 15 - Bowie, Spooky Girlfriend - Elvis Costello, Bad Side Of The Moon - Elton John, Jellyfish - String Cheese Incident, Captain America - moe. , No Need To Fear - Droplift Project, Our Leader - Consolidated, Blame The Media - Droplift Project, Texas Love Song - Elton John, Why Can't We Be Friends - War, Archaic Revival - Terence Mckenna, The Universal - Small Faces, Radio Silence - Elvis Costello.

07/07/02 We'll Be Right Back - Steinski & Mass Media, Melanie - Purple Haze, Mr. Apollo - The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Candy's Gone Bad - Golden Earing, Hobo Humping Slobo Babe - Whale, Monkey Gone To Heaven - Pixies, Cactus - Bowie, Something Swell - Lo Slope, The Elephant Riders - Clutch, Drums And Space - Grateful Dead (10-31-91), Born Under Punches -Talking Heads (Live81), We Interupt This Broadcast- Ice T (Jello), Supernaut - 1000 Homo DJs, Psuedo Suicide - Oysterhead, Burning and Looting -Bob Marley

06/30/02 Prof Clams' Intense World if Impossible Vibration - Eat That Question?, Naval Aviation in Art, Dupree's Paradise, Chunga's Revenge, Moggio,Pound For Brown (on the Bus),This Could Be AOne Shot Deal, Holiday in Berlin - The Ox - The Who, Sunday - Bowie, Summertime Blues - The Who, Obscured By Clouds - Pink Floyd, 905 - The Who, African Shuffle - Flash in the Pan, Wall Street Shuffle, Better Future - Bowie, Summertime Blues - Flying Lizards, Cryptical Envelopment > Grateful Dead, Dont Step on the Grass Sam - Steppenwolf, My Generation - The Who, California Uber Alles - The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy, Dr. Jeckle and Mr Hyde - The Who, Purple Haze - The Flying Lizards, Not Fade Away - John Entwistle.

06/23/02 ZAPPATHON 2002 I Don't Even Care, need a hit single, You Didn't Try To Call Me, Mother People, Ancient Armaments, Penguin in Bondage, Dynamo Hum, Lonely Person Devices, Ms. Pinkey, Dog Breath Variations, Uncle Remus, Flo & Eddie intro, Concentration Moon, Sanzini Brothers, It's a good thing we get paid for this, What kind of Girl?, Bwana Dik, Latex Solar Beef, Willie the Pimp, Do You Like My New Car?, Happy Together, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Purple Lagoon on Saturday Night Live, Tommy Mars intro, Yo Mama, Montana, Watermelon in Easter Hay.

06/09/02 - SIR MICK - Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones, I've Been Waiting - Bowie, Moby Dick - Dread Zeppelin, Most Events Aren't Planned - Vida Blue, Prodigal Son - Rolling Stones, Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin, Doll's Revolution - Elvis Costello, Field Of Regret - Alice Cooper, Help, I'm a Rock - Frank Zappa, Woodstock - Dread Zeppelin, Hendershot - Les Claypool, It's Alright Ma - Dylan (after the flood), Looks Like Rain - Greatful Dead, McGoogans Blues - Roy Harper, Cheepnis - Zappa( YCDTOSA), Cocksucker Blues - Mick Jagger demo

06/09/02 Ring Inscription - JRR Tolkien, Smeagols Promise - BBC Radio Drama, The Necromancer - Rush, Tribute - Tenatious D, Action - The Sweet, The Adventures of Greggery Peccary - ZAPPA, China Cat Sunflower - Grateful Dead (91), America - The Nice, Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Col. Les Claypool & the Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Joker on the Run - Spirit, Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford, Dancin With Mr. D - The Rolling Stones, Top Of The Pops - The Kinks, Blair VS Bush - Cassette Boy, Bronosaurus - The Move, Hashisheen - William Burroughs and Iggy Pop, Sofa/Tomorrow Never Knows - Michael Hedges.

06/02/02 Breath - Commercial Ad Hoc, Bug - Phish, Here Among The Cats - Max Webster, All Along The Watchtower - Neil Young (05-18-02),On Tomorrow - Captain Beefheart, Living Through Another Cuba / Generals and Majors - XTC BBC, Progress - Crosley Bendix, Kasmir - Page and Plant, Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead(72), Black Clouds - String Cheese Incident (10-31-00), Junkie Nurse - Royal Trux, Lunatic - Austin Lounge Lizards, Melvins Repose - Renaldo and the Loaf, Behold a Republic - Tape Beatles, When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President - William S. Burroughs, Master Ringo - Frank Zappa, I Am The Walrus - Die Toten Hosen, Toad -0-Line-Zappa, Castles Made Of Sand/Little Wing - Tuck and Pattie, Dirt - Phish

05/26/02 Guy dans un Valiant - Monsieur Guy, Human Face Dog - Dan Boeckner, Dance The Mutation - Simply Saucer, Razzamanazz - Trout Van Fleethoven, Bivouac - The Huge, Dead Mans Legs - Chad Thud, All Things BoB : Dylans Birthday , Subterranian Homesick Blues - Bootleg series, I Want You - Dylan and Grateful Dead, Talkin Fish Blues, East Orange New Jersey, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Talkin Bear Mountain Picnic Massacree, Bob Dylan - Bowie, Highway 61 - w/The Band, Dylan And John Lennon in the back of a car - London 1966, Like A Rolling Stone - Jimi Hendrix (Monterey), Talkin John Birch Society Blues, Positively Wall Street - National Lampoon Lemmings, Subterranian Homesick Blues - Lennon/Nilson.

05/19/02 When I Was Cruel - Elvis Costello, The War Is Over - Jefferson Airplane, Dissolve- Elvis Costello, Billy the Mountain - Frank Zappa, I Am The Walrus - Phil and Friends, Plane Crash - .moe, Duprees Diamond Blues - Phil and Friends, I Am The Walrus - Frank Zappa, Revolution - Beatles on David Frost Show '68, Tear Off Your Own Head - Elvis Costello, Hush - Deep Purple, A Cappella Mix (live) - Negativland, I Want You - Beatles, Pseudo Suicide - Oysterhead.

05/12/02 Govinda - Tula Shaker, Alladin Sane - Bowie, Take Your Clothes off When You Dance - Zappa, Summertime - Janis Joplin, Let The Sky Fall - Ten Years After, Talkin Bout A Feeling - Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Franklins Tower - The Grateful Dead (dicks picks 3), Sweet Talkin Hippie - Blues Traveller, Flatley's Tool - Flowmotion, Flying - Beatles, Tattva - Tula Shaker, B-Movie - Gil Scott Herron, Jackboot Democrats - Leon Rosselson, Aluminum or Glass - Negativland, The Girl Who Would't Die - Tsar.

05/05/02 Spiderman 79 - Veruca Salt, Mark says Alright - Grand Funk Railroad, Green Manalishi - Fleetwood Mac, 50 ways To Leave Your Lover - Flowmotion, Space Dance - Panty Boy, Alternate Route To Vulcan - Super Furry Animals, Dancin Fool - Keller Williams, Egyptian Blues - Ellen McEllwaine, Alligator - Grateful Dead, Inna Gadda Stravinski, Jim and Tammy's upper Room- Zappa, Stormy - The Bran Flakes, Nearly Neil Diamond- Panty Boy, I am I said - Killdozer, Hear My Train - Hendrix, Goodbye - Paul McCartney demo.

04/ 28/ 02 I'm so Bored with the USA - The Clash , Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo, Peace Frog - The Doors, Radio Radio - Elvis Costello, Capitol Radio - The Clash, We Play Rock and Roll - Five Man Electrical Band, Hush - Tula Shaker, Is It My Body - Alice Cooper, Spiderman - Ramones, Birth - Bongwater, Lay Back in the Sun - Spiritulized, Mystical Shit - King Missle, Remake Remodel - Roxy Music, Viola Lee Blues - Grateful Dead (acid Test), Texas Radio And the Big Beat - The Doors, Hectic Wasteland - The Huge, Frogs - Flaming Lips.

04/21/02 Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs, I Am Not Quite The Fool - Osymyso, I Wish I'se In Heaven Sittin' Down -Hoss, Kadarchy - Yat Ka, Perfect Scrambled Eggs - Negativland, Building a Girl - Zappa, Lost Highway - Dan Boeckner, Fearless - Electron, Suzy On Hair - Suzy, Illeagal Smile - Keller Williams, Crunchy Frog - Monty Python, Freedon - Hendrix, Estimated Prophet - SCI and Bob Weir, Approximate - Zappa, Lazy - Deep Purple, Packard Goose - Zappa, Loving Cup - The Rolling Stones, If 6 Was 9 - Bootsy Collins.

04/14/02 The Head Has Become Fat - Ken Kesey (acid test), The Great Inspiration - The Tape Beatles, Captain America - moe, Marijuana - Steve Martin, Trouble Every Day - George Thorogood, Questionnaire - The Rutles, Got To Choose - KISS, Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane, Michael Jackson - Negativland, Parachute Woman - The Rolling Stones, Blues For Allah - The Grateful Dead, Down In The Park - Foo Fighters, Breathing - Kate Bush, Help I'm A Rock - Zappa, Around The Plinth - Faces

04/07/02 Broadcasting Live From..... - Camper Van Beethoven, Your Eye Is Like A Cup Of Tea - Brian Jones, Tom Flowers - Camper Van Beethoven, Ogdens Nut Gone Flake/Afterglow - The Small Faces, S.P. 37957 - Camper Van Beethoven, Eyesight To the Blind - The Who live@Leeds, Modern World - The Jam, The Leader - The Clash, I'm Free - The Who live@ Leeds, The Universal - The Small Faces, (the dark)Dark Star - Grateful Dead 082772, Joe Stalin's Cadillac - Camper Van Beethoven, Zombie Woof - Zappa YCDTOSAVol 1, NO2 - Phish, XT92 007 - The Tape Beatles, Trademark Messaging - Realistic, Pygmy Twylite - ZappaYCDTOSAVol 2, I Saw Jesus At McDonalds At Midnight - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.

03/31/02God Save The Queen - Queen, Manic Superstar - Sandra Bernhart, She Said She Said - The Beatles, The Queen - Jimi Hendrix, She Said She Said - Snake River Conspiricy, Living - Alice Cooper, Marijuana - Steve Martin, LINVERNO - The Bran Flakes, Unbroken Chain - Phil and Phrends, The First San Fransico Acid Wave - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Somebody To Love - Great Society, Lucy Leave - Syd Floyd, Light My Way - Nazareth, Beggars Day - Grin, Watermelon in Easter Hay - Zappa.

03/24/02We Love You - Stones, Find The Cost Of Freedom - CSNY, Teenage Wind - Zappa, You Must Choose - Negativland,Marshal Macluan - Radio Free Vestiblule, Administration - Greg Macpherson, Smack Jack - Nina Hagen, (the light)Dark Star - Grateful Dead, Who are The Brain Police - Camper Van Beethoven, Lucy Leave - Pink Floyd, Bugs - Pearl Jam, Love Without Sound - White Noise, I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet - Jonathan Richman, Child Of The Moon - Stones.

03/17/02 Crowd Sculpture,Parallelogram- Dead, Audiomaze - Tabla Beat Science, Moby Dick - Led Zepplin, Black Page - Zappa, Temple Caves- Mickey Hart, River of Nine Sorrows - Dead, Triangular Objects - Tabla Beat Science, Bones - Mickey Hart, Drum Solo - Mickey Hart, Bonzo's Montreaux - Led Zepplin, Drum Solo - Neil Peart, Drum Jam Trip - Rusted Root, The Hobbit - Ten Years After.

03/10/02 After The Goldrush - Prelude, Golden Years - Keller Williams, Big Boss Man - Jerry Garcia, BadBush - Negativland OTE, Fly Me To New York - Cassette Boy, After The Goldrush - Flaming Lips, Character Zero - Phish, Turn On Your Lovelight - Grateful Dead, Whippin Post - Allman Bros, Money - Pink Floyd (live 75)Space Invaders - Pretenders, After The Goldrush - Neil Young, Morning Dew - Grateful Dead.

Valentines Day : For Emily - Simon and Garfunkel, I'm Your Angel - Yoko Ono, Trio - David Crosby, Emmaline - Urge Overkill, Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono, Love Street - Doors, I Can't Sleep - LA's, Never Say Never - Romeo Void, Detatchable Penis - King Missile, Love Ain't For Keeping - Pete Townsend (Lifehouse), Enemy - Buffalo Tom, The Modern Age - The Strokes, Deluxe - Lush, Manic Depression - No Means No, Sabotage - Ordinance, America is Angry - Sucking Chest Wound, I Don't Live Today - Hendrix (Stages),She's Not On The Menu - SFNU, Tomorrow Never Knows - Les Claypool

Fish Bass - Phish, The Voice of Energy - Kraftwerk, The Chicken - Grizelda Guppy, Call Any Vegetable - Frank Zappa, Why Don't You Grow Up - Gilles and The Cactus Ladies, Vancouver Island Fluting Society (Winter Programme) - Sandy, Meat, Meat and Meat - Consolidated, Freedom of Choice - Devo, Sample and Hold - Neil Young, Gateway to Hell Theory - Kelso, Village By The Sea - Adam From Tofino, When the Revolution Comes - Last Poets, Union Man - Neil Young, Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols, Overpopulation - Eugene Chadbourne and Jello Biafra, Talk to the Little Fish - Grizelda Guppy, House Burning Down - Jimi Hendrix, Guy dans un Valiant - Monsieur Guy, Let X = X - Laurie Anderson, I before E except After C - Upstairs at Eric's, Psycotic Reaction - Nash The Slash, The Great Curve - Talking Heads, Uranium - Kraftwerk, Fete sur la plage - Monsieur Guy, .....................

01/27/02 Provincial Government Cuts Career Opportunities - Clash, Horses - Rheostatics(live), Lose this Skin - Clash, Sathington Willoughby - Primus, Pluck - Ananda Shankar Experience, 9/8 Objects - Frank Zappa, All You Fascists - Wilco, Master Ringo - Frank Zappa, Drugs n Satan n Hippies n Rock n Roll - Sucking Chest Wound, Liar - Sex Pistols, Grand Pecking Order - Oysterhead, Get Up Stand Up - Peter Tosh, Happiness is a Warm Gun - Mark Ribot, Grandmothers Song - Steve Martin, Estimated Prophet - Grateful Dead (Dicks Picks 18), Revolution Rock - Clash, Terrapin Station - RatDog (Gathering of the Vibes), Stop That Train - Peter Tosh, Clair,Peas and Rice - Rheostatics.

Listen to the Radio - Tape Beatles, Quiet and Passive - Tape Beatles, Kashmir - Page & Plant, Happy Jack - Who (Live @Leeds, Riddles Are Abound Tonight - Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade 02-03-01, Footcare - AFVN, Freedom's Waiting - Negativland, Voodoo Child ( Slight Return ) - Hendrix 05-30-70, Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones(live boot), Ocean That Is Humanity, Rain - Sky Cries Mary, Not Sleeping Around - Neds Atomic Dustbin, Persian Love Song - Dead Can Dance, Lost In Music - Anita Lane, Within You Without You - Sonic Youth, Space Dance - Panty Boy, Another Way Out - Brave Belt.

Dirt - Phish, Super Nova - Opal, Sea Hag - Panty Boy, Jane Says - Janes Addiction, Drums of The Island - Elvis, Pussy Katz ( on my roof ) - Adam From Tofino, Surf Launch - HUGE, Pseudo Suicide - Oyster Head, The Wizard - Bullring Brummies, My Woman From Tokyo - Black Night, Fat Angel - Windwalker, Texas Jailcell - Jon Wayne, Revolution #9>Space Oddity - Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, Stone - Bongwater, Kings Of The Party - Brownsville Station