Recording: 6/10/68, 6/11/68, 6/20/68, 6/21/68
Mixing: 6/21/68, 6/25/68, 8/20/68, 8/26/68
Length: 8:11

What Goes On? Anomalies
Lewisohn, and other lyrics books show the lyrics as "Brother can you take me back ...". It sounds more like "Robert, can you take me ..."

Also the mixer used to mix this track has a "scratchy" pan control. You can hear this 53 to 58 seconds after the first piano note and at 1:27 to 1:46 after.
3:33-3:49 * NEW *
Right, and then centre, the rising tone and rapid gibbling is the tape used to supply artificial double tracking running out, and being rewound. This is not a sound effect tape, or tape loop, but was left in the mix.

Just to settle the "What's the chatter about a 'cheap bitch' and a bottle of wine on Rev # 9" question, here's the transcription.
AT = Alistair Taylor, GM = George Martin

AT ... bottle of claret for you if I'd realised. I'd forgotten all about it George, I'm sorry.
GM Well, do next time.
AT Will you forgive me?
GM Mmm.. Yes ... [ with a smile in his voice ]
AT Cheeky bitch!

* NEW * Because so many questions come to me about this, here's a rendition of most of the audible speech in Revolution Number 9. This is my best guess, some of it is subjective due to being overlaid by other sounds.
JL: "Mrs Welsh wearing a pair of sun brown underpants"
JL: "about the shortage of grain in Hertfordshire. Everyone one of them knew that as time went by they'd get a little bit older and a little bit slower .... This was on the air force set thing"
JL: "manufacturing person who was always umpteen types of 'umpty dumpty ???? finders, yep ah diddly ... Peak District was leaving intending to pay for ..."
GH: "Who's to know? Who's to know?"
JL: "colours for the season. Everybody who knew ..."
JL: "Pakistan ... also spoken for"
GH: "every day through the business terms"
JL: "had informed him on the third, and I, that unfortunately he was"
GH: "Every few days ..."
JL: "in a pair of brown under" [edited away, clothes, pants?]
GH: "local doctors that are ??? this may seem"
JL: "I have nobody's ..."
GH: "on Eaton, with the situation"
JL: "They are standing still"
GH: "upon a telegram from the"
GH: "to us played it false as the headmaster reported to"
JL: "who could tell what he was, his voice was low and his eye was high and his eyes were glowing"
GH: " ... Sunday, He really ... became a great deal ... "
JL: "on fire, his glasses were in t'safe, this was"
GH: "into, which enabled him to move his"
JL: "certain, so the wife told him he'd better go to see a surgeon .... or what with the price .... yellow underclothes".
JL: "So, any road, he went to see the dentist instead, who gave him a pair of teeth, which wasn't any good at all. So instead of that he joined the bloody navy and went to sea."
JL: "in my broken chair, my wings are broken and so is my hair. I am not in the mood for wearing"
JL: "Dogs were dogging, cats were catting. Birds were birding, Fish were fishing. Thence Pwllheli, went swimming"
[Pwllheli, pron. "per-thelly", in Northern Wales. An odd little poem!]
GH: "only to find the night watchman"
JL: "onion soup"
GH: "unaware of his presence in the building"
[Note: JL interjects "onion soup" at the point where GH says "unaware". I think (speculation) that this was some JL wordplay on what GH was about to say. In fact, I think you can hear GH begin to smile, esp. through the "presence" and "building"]
JL: "Industrial output, financial imbalance"
GH: "Thrusting it between his shoulder blades"
JL: "The Watusi, The Twist"
GH: "Eldorado"
JL: "Take this brother, may it serve you well"
YO: "Maybe, it's not that, it's .... maybe, even then, expose yourself ..."
YO: "It's almost like being naked"
YO: "if ... you become naked"