A Fish Show Broadcast From 09/07/03 : Originally Broadcast On CFUV FM 102 in VICTORIA BC Produced by : BILL POLONSKY

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Credits: Compiled from many internet sources including but not only: Barrie Zwickers brilliant video "The Great Deception", "Democracy Now", "Steppin' Out Of Babylon", "TUC Radio"

Music Credits : Afraid of Enduring Freedom: A 'War on Terrorism' Documentary by B'O'K More info on Buttress O'Kneel AKA B'O'K' can be found here. Background sounds : "Oscillating Prophets" from Victoria BC & Fripp and Eno:"Air Structures" live at the Olympia, Paris, 28 May 1975.


Events leading up to and the Aftermath of September 11 2001


Hour One

Stinks to the High Heavens - Michael Moore

Louder Than a Bomb - B'O'K'

What Really Happened - Barrie Zwicker

George Orwell - John Judge

Stand Down - Barrie Zwicker

Stand Down - John Judge

Not Afraid Of Osama - Michael Moore

True Colours - 'B'O'K

Who Is Bin Laden - Barrie Zwicker

Bush Laden - Michael Moore




Hour Two

Oiligarchy - Barrie Zwicker

Bush Said "Save The Oil Wells" - Greg Palast

Get The Oil - John Judge

Oil Finger - B'O'K

Black Voters Taken Off The Voter Rolls - Greg Palast

George Bush - Barrie Zwicker

The Judgment Of Lesser Nations - B'O'K

Perpetual War - John Judge

Moral And Spiritual Questions - Barrie Zwicker

Fly Me To New York - Cassette Boy

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The Rabbit Hole : multimedia links to 9/11 investigations.